I have a chapter in a book that starts with page 1 but the TOC shows the
first page as page 7. (The link goes to page 1 content. It's just that
the TOC is not numbering the pages the way I tell it to number them.)

I have reset Page Numbering several times, including changing it on the
offending chapter to Roman, to Continue Numbering From Previous and
back. No joy.

I moved the offending chapter to another order in the book, below a
chapter with 28 pages (Thinking that the TOC might read page 1 as page
35...  7 + 28=35). No joy. 

I imported Reference pages and Master pages from known good files. No

I did the same with the TOC. No joy.

As a workaround, I numbered the chapter to begin with -5 (negative five)
and it worked. The chapter begins with page 1, and the TOC reflects page

I'm stumped. Any ideas?...thanks, Kelly.

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