Hi All, 
   Using FMKR 7.0,  Acrobat Distiller 5.0,  on Vista Enterprise on HP (Compaq) 
  I do not have the full Acrobat 5.0 program, on this system.  But, I could 
take the FMKR file to my own pc and use Acrobat 5.0 and then bring it back to 
this laptop. 


 I have a large (17pgs) table for my glossary. 

The rows are alternating colors - light and medium shade of the same color. 
However, the header top row and the left column - are a solid color. 

Now, we are adding and deleting some of these glossary entries.

Is there a way to have the alternate row colors update automatically?
I have already gone into the Table Designer and I am working with the shade 
settings, but not much luck yet. 

I inherited this table - I think the alternate coloring was done with copy / 


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