I have a book (unstructured FM) that uses some text insets in some of my 
chapters in order to reuse content. However, when I create help in RH8, 
sometimes a few of my  cross-references in chapters with text insets 
aren't treated as links, but as plain text. I think to resolve this, I 
want to include the text insets as files in my book so they get updated 
when I update the book.

So, I tried using both a group and a folder in the book to do this, and 
setting the group/folder to be excluded from output. The FM book updated 
beautifully, and the insets were correctly excluded from the TOC. But 
when I generate my WebHelp in RH8, the "excluded" inset topics are 
included in the TOC and are generated in a folder corresponding to the 
name of my FM book's group or folder (behavior seems identical for 
folder or group). As expected, the original link problem is resolved, 
but I don't want to add "delete the excluded content from RH" as a 
manual step every time we update the helps.

Let me know if this is just another "feature" of the "integration" 
between RH and FM in TCS2, if it's an issue that's already been reported 
to Adobe, or if there is actually a way to make this work.



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