FrameMaker 9.0 (all patches installed)
Running in a Windows XP VM on a recent MacBook Pro (4 GB)
Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9
No additional external Frame tools or plugins

I am having trouble PDF'ing my book and hope you can help. I am not an  
expert in either of these tools.

When I print to the Adobe PDF printer, I do not get the transparency I  
need for the cover graphic.
When I use Save As PDF, I get the transparency, but the first cross- 
reference in the mini-TOC at the beginning of each chapter is  
gibberish (random characters).

I have tried both of these with Standard options and High-Quality  
print options, as well as a set of options that embeds the corporate  

If I have to, I can PDF the cover separately, but I would rather not.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.

Greenleaf Agency, LLC
Portland, OR

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