On 15/07/2009, at 6:49 AM, Susan Curtzwiler wrote:

> I need to move a folder of images and a FMKR file to the same  
> location as the rest of my book.
> Could someone pleas point me in the right direction for some self  
> study of how to do this and not risk loosing my current path to the  
> rest of the book file, which is almost done?  I can't loose anything  
> already in place.

I assume you have used images in the folder, and that the file you are  
adding to the book also uses images from the same folder. Moving their  
location is not very problematic, just put the folders where you want  
them to be and when you open one of the files with links to the moved  
images folder FM will complain that it can't find images. In the  
dialog that opens, navigate to the new folder location and when you  
select it, all image links will be updated at once for that file.


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