We are on win XP with Frame 8 and Acrobat 8.


On D? M?irt14 I?il 2009, at 14:10, Lizak, Samantha wrote:

> Versions may matter... We have some heavy-duty scripting in place
> that converts Frame to PDF, but I recall 4 or 5 years ago we used
> to still have to check every hotspot that wrapped because Distiller
> had an intermittent bug with those.  IT wrote some scripts for us
> to fix it.  It had nothing to do with plug-ins.
> We are currently on FM 7.0, WWP (7? the one before ePublisher) with
> AutoMap, and producing v1.4 of PDF because of our Unix customers.
> I'm not sure what version of Distiller the production hub uses now.
> The company supports 3 people whose job is primarily to support
> the tool chain.
> Regards-
> Sam.
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> Subject: Frame x-refs that wrap and work fine do not work in PDF
> I am just after noticing that, in my PDFs, links that wrap and go to a
> second line are not active in the part of the link that is on the  
> second
> line.
> The start of the link, on the first line, works fine.
> All x-refs that wrap in Frame work fine in Frame.
> I never saw this behavior before in a PDF made from a Frame file.
> Does anyone have any guess as to why this is happening?
> Thanks.
> I am using timesavers and IXgen, in case it matters.
> best,
> Paul
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