I think you only get stuck counting levels if you fail to write in
topics. If you create a topic (think of a magazine article) then you'll
probably only ever need to divide that material into one or two levels.

I think of H1 as being a topic title wherever it goes. It never gets
adjusted. It's always H1.

An H1 can be divided into H2s and, if necessary, the H2s into H3s.

A single topic can be made into a small document -- like an installation
sheet. In that case, HT (document title) and H1 (topic title) are the

Several topics (but too few to require grouping into chapters) can be
assembled into a medium-sized document, like a user guide or a quick
start guide. So you'd have HT and a series of H1s, with the H1s still
divided at most into H2s and H3s.

When there are so many topics they must be grouped, I group them into
chapters. So a chaptered document might have four levels: HC, H1, H2,
and H3.

Beyond that, I flatten the material into the desired number of levels.

I only get trapped by my own levels when I'm stuck thinking about an
outline or about the logical nature of the content, which is not what my
end reader needs.


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