Hello All

I have a document that contains Bible references as footnotes (e.g. Romans 
3:12). I'd like to construct an Index of Scripture References at the end of
the book, listing the references in biblical order rather than alphabetical, 
but this presents problems for the sort order. Some widely spaced books
start with the same letter (e.g. Ruth and Romans), while others start with a 
number (e.g. 1 Samuel, 2 Corinthians).

My assumption is to use an index of markers. On the reference page I've been 
playing with the group titles (removed 'em) and the Sort Order
(<$numerics>, etc.). I've also tried setting the sort order within the marker 
itself using the [aaa] idea. However, no progress. I see such indexes in
published books and can't imagine they are created and maintained by hand. Any 
ideas? I'm using FM 7.1.


Roger Shuttleworth

London, Canada

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