Dear Alvin,

There is a good reason why there is no pixel unit of measurement in

Pixels have no unit of measurement, as they simply indicate the quantity
of columns and rows of [colour] elements that make up a picture. When
you want to display the picture made up of the pixels, you have to
consider the output device, for example, on a computer monitor, you want
a low number of pixels per inch [ppi] - usually about 96ppi, whereas on
a printer, you typically want to fabricate the picture with a large
number of dots per inch [dpi] - usually 300dpi or more.

// Simon BUCH

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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to know the unit value closest to pixel in framemaker, or
any idea on how could I probably convert this pixel unit into unit of
measure which my framemaker file(dtd) could read. I have xml file, with
images and the unit value of its attributes (specifically its width and
height) are in pixel. Hence, I can't seem to find the unit pixel in
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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