Okay Fellow Frame Templars.....
 Live!  From New York!....you finish the rest....
 First, the setup:  Windows XP, Frame 8 unstructured
 Next:  The dilemma.  I am trying to figure out whether FrameMaker
has the capability of being able to make or handle the issue of font
transparency.  Yup, being able to view a graphic behind the text in
front of it...."artsy" stuff.
 The theoretical is having a graphic and then embedding text over the
graphic, but being able to "see" through the text.  Am I making any
sense here?
 Is there a plug in or technique?  Currently, we use Photoshop
(another fine Adobe product) to perform this function, but I would
rather stay within the Framemaker environment.....
 As usual, assistance is always appreciated.
 All the best
 From New York.........yup, and it's live.
 724.494.9213...cell number

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