This is a Windows issue rather than a FrameMaker issue, per se. FrameMaker has 
always worked this way on Windows platforms, and probably always will because 
it uses the Windows file selection dialog, which doesn't pass the files to the 
application in the same order in which the user lists them. 

One thing you can try is selecting the files in reverse numerical order (e.g. 
from the bottom of the file browser to the top, or from top to bottom with the 
sort order inverted). But even this doesn't work perfectly because either the 
first file or the last file (I don't remember which at them moment...) will 
still be at the wrong end of the list. But at least you only have to reorder 
one or two files instead of all of them.
-Fred Ridder

> From: dustin at
> To: framers at
> Subject: Adding files to book results in reverse order
> Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 09:47:55 -0400
> Hopefully this is an easy one.
> I had this problem in 7.2 and now 9 and wonder what exactly is causing it
> and if there is a fix. I'm creating a book and adding 50 or so files to it
> (through the add file button). Even though the files are sequentially
> numbered, Frame adds them in reverse order. It's time consuming to go back
> and reorder them. Is this just a quirk, am I doing something wrong, or is
> there a patch?
> Many thanks
> Dustin

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