I can confirm this, I noticed the effect just this week.

It seems to me the effect (bug) is connected to the current document  
focus. There are situations where you cannot tell from looking at the  
screen which document and/or pod has the focus. Also I read reports  
that the FDK can sometimes not report the active document to plug-ins.  
There are many challenges with the new UI...

Thanks for the workaround idea!

- Michael

Am 25.07.2009 um 17:58 schrieb Joseph Lorenzini:

> Hi all,
> I have been using FM 9 for several months, and I have noticed buggy  
> behavior with keyboard short cuts. I wonder if anyone else is  
> experiencing the same behavior.  I am a keyboard shortcut junkie and  
> use them all the time--sometimes I don't use my mouse for hours.  
> Here are the bugs that I have noticed and they are really, really,  
> really annoying:
> keyboard shortcuts randomly stop working and then start working  
> again. This doesn't affect the shortcut to paragraph tags (F9) and  
> character tags(F8) but it does affect all other shortcuts such as  
> table straddles (esc t+l) or page breaks (esc s+p+b)
> Shortcuts to variables (ctrl+0), paragraph(F9), and character  
> tags(F8) stop working. When I press the keyboard shortcut, the lower  
> left hand corner shows the type of shortcut (such as "v:" for  
> variable) but the menu is grayed out. In order to get these  
> shortcuts to work, I need to minimize and maximize the framemaker  
> window.
>  Anyone know what's going on? Is there a fix for this? I believe I  
> have the most current patch for FM 9.

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