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>Hi All,
>I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 and Mif2Go 3.3 to generate OmniHelp. I tried to
>invoke the SmartSplit command under [HTMLOptions] to prevent dangling
>headings (section title appears all by itself), but it's not working. Most
>likely I've got two conflicting settings, but I can't figure out what it
>might be. Here's the relevant part of my .ini file:
>; Fill in FM head para formats and their level here
>Section Title=1
>Heading 1=3
>Heading 1top=3
>Heading 2=4
>Heading 2top=4
>Heading 1=Split
>Heading 1top=Split
>Section Title=Title Trail
>SmartSplit works for the Title/Heading 1 combination, but not for the
>Section Title/Title combination. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Set Split for your Section Title.  I know, it's at the start,
but you have StartingSplit=No, so it won't split there.  The
thing is, if it doesn't have Split set, SmartSplit pays no
attention to it, sees just one Split for Title, and uses it.

Another reason this can happen is if there is another para in 
between, maybe an empty one, or one used to anchor a graphic
you aren't using.  In that case, you need to set [HTMLStyles]
Delete for the empty para.

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