Mystery solved: The parent network folder for the FM files for this
particular job had a trademark symbol in the filename. As soon as I
removed the symbol from the folder name, the Robo MIF operation worked
without a hitch.


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Thank you for the tips, Jeremy. I will experiment further.


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>*      I can still Save As MIF from within Frame, and I'm not seeing
>any apparent hiccups in Wash via MIF.
>*      When I also try Save Using Mif2Go, I get an error message about
>not being able to find the mif2rtf.ini file.

That will happen if you never used Setup... for the Mif2Go project.  If
you are really using RH, you probably didn't.  ;-)

Wash via MIF doesn't need a project setup, so that always works.

It's unlikely that SetPrint is involved.  If the Robo MIF process writes
to a different directory, see if you can SaveAs MIF to the same
directory.  Sounds like a permission problem.

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