The easiest way to accomplish the is to use the standard "shrinkwrap" command, 
invoked by pressing the three keys Esc, m, p in sequence (not simultaneously), 
after you've inserted the graphic. (I've been using this command for so long 
that those three keystrokes are completely automatic for me whenever I insert a 
graphic.) This command, which was originally designed for inline mathematical 
equations (the "mp" mnemonic stands for "math, package"), does exactly what you 
seek, plus it reduces the padding between the graphic and the graphic from 6 
pts on all sides to 1 pt on all sides.

Note that what I describe is the *standard* shrinkwrap command. Many Frame 
users have installed a free 3rd party plugin called ShrinkWrapAsIs.dll, which 
changes the padding *without* changing the position property. If you have that 
DLL in the fminit\Plugins folder of your FrameMaker installation, simply move 
it to another file to restore the standard shrinkwrap command.

Of course, it's also possible that you actually *want* the 6 pt padding around 
each graphic, and in that case Art Campbell's suggestion to buy Bruce Foster's 
ImpGraph plugin is probably the best solution.

-Fred Ridder

> Subject: Default Anchored frame positioning
> Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 09:24:11 +0200
> From: verner.andersen at
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> Hi
> I have unstructured FM8. How do I change the default anchored frame
> position when inserting graphics? I would like the position to be "At
> insertion point" and "Distance above baseline 0.0 pt"
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