Hi Framers:
I am running FM8.2 on Vista SP2. I know I am doing something wrong when 
converting an .avi file in an anchored frame in FM8.2 to .pdf. But I do not 
know what it is I am doing wrong. It runs nicely in FrameMaker, but when I 
convert to pdf, the result is a white frame with a mysterious slit-like line 
which is oh so *not* clickable. The problem arises in conversion to .pdf. 
My manual is pretty unhelpful here, just talks about ole and leaves it at 
that. Well, I would be happy with an ole as long as it ran. But no luck.

With Acrobat Professional I have had some luck (re-importing the .avi file), 
but the runaround is long and fussy. I hate fiddling with pdf after 
conversion, but I suppose I will have to get over this.

Rob Shell

rshell at iafrica.com
rshell at uwc.ac.za
for huge files please use:
shell.robert.c-h at gmail.com

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