At 09:51 PM 4/06/2009, Jakob Fix wrote:
>I'm trying to install FrameMaker 8 on a development machine running Windows
>2003 Server.  On this machine we already have FrameMaker 7.0.
>At the very end of the installation procedure (I had C:\Program
>Files\Adobe\FrameMaker8 open and saw the files) just before it says that
>everything is fine, I get this screen that says that a rollback is being
>performed.  At the end, the installation wizard finishes with the following
>"The wizard was interrupted before Adobe FrameMaker 8 could be completely
>installed.  Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at
>another time, please run setup again.  Click Finish to exist the wizard."
>I have tried and succeded installing the same copy on a Windows XP Pro
>machine without problems.  

My experience was almost identical to yours, except that I had FM 6 installed.  
I selected to do the full install.  After the Framemaker part finished, a new 
installer window came up for the PDF maker component.  It prewarned me that it 
would stop if it found something it didn't like.  Indeed, it found the PDF 
maker for Frame 6 and gave me the exact message you report.  So, if your 
experience paralleled mine then you have Framemaker 8 installed but no 
compatible PDF Maker.

I uninstalled Frame 6 altogether, as you can't uninstall the PDF writer 
separately from the main app in v.6.  In my case, the intention was to install 
Acrobat 8 Pro anyway.  Well, it's a long story of woe re Acro Pro 8 - don't 
ask! - and I have now consigned it to the garbage and ordered NitroPDF.  
Ultimately, I just went back to the Modify section of Add/Remove Programs and 
post-installed the PDF maker from the Frame 8 CD.  It's working OK (so far!).

>Also, I never had any problems installing
>different FrameMaker versions in parallel. Finally, yes I have
>administrative privileges on this machine.

I had Frame 5 and 6 plus Acrobat Pro 6 living happily side by side for years 
until I set about installing Frame 8.  Now all that has changed.


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