I'm getting ready to send off a CD to my client's customer and have been asked 
to provide a list of files on the CD. 

I've got a vague recollection of a DOS command that would list all of the files 
in a directory and it's subdirectories and pipe them to a txt file, but its 
been err, well, a bit longer than a week or two since I've used that command. 

I'm thinking it's something like 

Dir *.* <a switch that means look down thru all subdirs> >list.txt 

That command would do a directory of everything in the folder and it's 
subdirectories and pipe them to a txt file. 

Can someone help me with the correct syntax for the DOS command or an easier 
way to do this with the magic of Windows (XP and Office 2003 in case that makes 
a difference)? 

Plz reply directly as I'm on digest and kind of need to get crackin on this 
today if at all possible. 

Thanks in advance. 

J. Paul Kent 

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