I'm seeing something odd when I work on FrameMaker files here which I don't see 
in a new FrameMaker document, to do with selection of text by clicking. These 
files come from a specific template that originated at another company based in 
India as far as I know. 

The default behaviour in FrameMaker is that double-clicking selects a word and 
triple-clicking selects a paragraph, as we all know. In these files:

. double-clicking does nothing

. triple-clicking selects a word

. quad-clicking selects a word as well

. five clicks are required to select a paragraph

Is there anything that could explain this? It all seems a bit sluggish, too, 
despite the fact that the files aren't excessively large.

I tried MIFing the files, and this odd problem goes away, as does the 
sluggishness. As a wise friend is wont to write, 'Go figure' ;-) 

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