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Jon Harvey wrote:

> I have an FM 9.0 in which I'm trying to import a *.png files as an
> object. The image comes in as a white box with the file name in the
> middle of it. If I activate it, the file opens in the Windows image
> viewer, not in FM. I know that FM only shows previews of actual
> however, I haven't seen any option in SnagIt (the tool I use) to save
> the images with preview. I know that other people have encountered
> problem as well. What gives?

As Art said, using OLE (File > Import > Object) is not a good idea. FM
has a PNG filter, so it can import the file natively (File > Import >
File). Is there some special reason why you're trying to import the
files as objects, or is that just due to a bit of confusion? 

Also, you're a bit confused about FM's image handling. The "shows
previews" bit applies strictly to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files.
Those files can be saved with a TIFF preview, and FM displays only that
preview. Other graphics files, including PNG, don't have previews, and
what you see in FM is the file. 


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