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With FrameMaker 8.0p277 and distiller 8.1.0 i note the following 
This was the same already with distiller 7.x XP-SP2, all files on local

1 Save as PDF (only book file is open, chapter files are not)
2 After some time distiller starts and fm builds the tps
3 Distiller works off the tps and evenually displays [LastPage]
4 The tps has gone and the pdf appears in the file explorer
5 Cpu usage increases and one after the other book files is opened
  (arbitrary windows size, not as it would be when opened from the 
6 The distiller window gets white (just the frame visible) 
7 The book files may be cycled a second time (but have not recognised
  this often) 
8 Distiller window is now again complete and the chapter files
  disappear from display (only book file is open)
9 Cpu load 'calms down' and distiller displays its final message.
  The pdf is 9 MB in size.

If at the start of the distiller (3) i close the book file, then also a
correct pdf is created and the circus with the chapter files does not
happen. Distiller finishes much faster in this case. However, the pdf 
smaller (8.8 MB) and the tps file is not removed automatically.

What goes on in steps 4 to 9?
Klaus Daube

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