I did something similar, where I implemented a tiny language that specified the 
order in which to try and modify the formatting to get content to fit on a 
specific page (the last page).  I implemented font changes, text frame changes, 
line space changes, and I forget what else.  The language specified 
combinations in discrete chunks, and the order in which to try them. 

I never thought about making it generally applicable to any problem on any 
page. I wonder if you could specify how such a thing would work?  For example, 
how would it know to look in aframes for text frames that exhibit some overrun? 
And how do you specify the overrun? Often a callout is supposed to be 
multi-line. Often the text frame is made larger than the callout text -- how do 
you know you have a problem?  If you can describe these issues in a way a 
machine could understand, then it can be implemented.  And I already have code 
(somewhere) for one half of the problem.

Cheers                  cud

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