Jeff, Good point--trouble finds many opportunities. I see 
inconsistencies in master pages, get color def errors (which luckily 
have little ramification in this particular project), and have 
recently discovered that if those before me had only used C-head 
level properly I wouldn't have to struggle quite so much with the 
HTML mapping table! ;-) Also working on ways to get co-users to use 
character styles (more) correctly.

Jim, Thanks for pointer to reference materials.

Thanks to all!


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>Rick makes a good point that a complete template should include more
>than just paragraph tags and mentioned Character and Table formats.  I
>went thru this about 1.5 years ago and found inconsistencies in the
>following areas:
>- Conditional Text tags
>- Variable and Running Header/Footer definitions
>- Master Page layouts
>- Reference page contents
>- Color definitions
>- Cross Ref formats
>- Text Options
>- Footnotes
>- HTML setup (only if saving as HTML)
>As a rough rule of thumb, your template should include everything that
>is selectable from the Import Formats pop-up menu.
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At 3:19 PM -0500 6/19/09, Pinkham, Jim wrote:
>Some very good advice, too, in the Adobe FrameMaker Template Series
>, and
>FrameMaker Template Design and Enforcement,
>, which is
>broadly applicable notwithstanding its structured emphasis.

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