At 11:36 AM 6/18/2009, Diane Gaskill wrote:
>Here's another FM9 question.  I can't find anything on the Adobe website 
>about this.  Does anyone know if FM9 supports a version of DocBook later 
>than 4.2?  FM8 supports only DB 4.2 and there are some serious 
>limitations.  Unfortunately, we cannot switch to DITA because we have a 
>contract to provide OEM docs with a customer that uses DocBook. Otherwise, 
>we'd never have used DB at all.

   The FM9 DocBook starter kit uses DocBook 4.1.2 for XML and DocBook 4.1 
for SGML, but your own application can use a later version, whether you 
start from scratch or base your work on the starter kit. To create your own 
EDD from the starter kit EDD and update to a later version, open the 
starter kit EDD, then use the StructureTools > Import DTD command. In the 
resulting dialog box, specify the DTD for the version of DocBook you want 
to use as the DTD to import.

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