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 > Is there a way to build a cross-reference building block that, when 
linking to a Figure caption that is positioned below the anchored frame 
that, when viewed in a PDF, the link result displays the figure and not 
just the caption?
 > I realize that this could be corrected by changing the caption to Above 
the Anchored Frame, but there are a lot of figures and would be a major change.
 >  In Frame, the jump goes to the caption but the figure is displayed with 
the cursor in the caption. In a PDF, it goes to the caption, with it being 
positioned at the top of the display.

As cross-references are pointing to paragraphs (or elements in Structured 
FM), unfortunately there is no option to have the cross-reference point to 
the figure / anchored frame itself.

Possible fixes do require manual work. Other than the option which you 
mentioned (having the figure title above the anchored frame), hypertext 
markers can be added, defining the links (so the cross-reference is 
responsible for the text retrieved, and a hypertext marker (following or 
preceding the cross-reference) defines the link.
(see example at http://www.microtype.com/showcase/FigLinks.pdf ; the 
cross-ref is still clickable, even though not visually indicated as a link)

[ PDF links pointing to the specific paragraph are generally recommended, 
but for use in special cases: a function in my FrameMaker-to-Acrobat 
TimeSavers add-on optionally sets *all* links/bookmarks to "Fit Page" 
instead of "Inherit zoom" (TimeSavers > Links/General > Advanced: Set 
destinations to "Fit Page"). No change is necessary in source FM files., 
all links are affected, not just those pointing to figures ]

Shlomo Perets

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