I just had a similar problem. Suddenly one page developed a problem. I saved a 
backup copy of the original file and then removed the offending page to confirm 
that it was the issue and I could create a pdf when it was gone. I was able to 
do so. Then I recreated that page in the docs and everything worked fine. I'm 
not sure why there was suddenly an issue with that page but I was glad that I 
finally figured out how to solve the problem and could meet my deadline!

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Assuming that you get the same error message multiple times, there's
something on page 165 (possibly 164 or 166) that's causing the
PostScript error. It could be a graphic, but may also be a marker or
conditional text setting that's gotten screwed up.

If this is a book, can you PDF the chapter or file that contains 165 by itself?

And it it is just a single file, can you PDF just that set of pages?

If I were you, I'd try using Print and print to the Adobe PDF printer
instance rather than using SaveAs also.


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