jody giunta wrote:

> I have several hundred FrameMaker 7.0 files that need to be saved as
> FrameMaker 9.0.
> I've tried opening the book file and all of the files within the book
> in FrameMaker 9 and using the global command: esc, f, Shift+s, but
> FrameMaker prompts me to click OK to close each of the 300+ files.
> Does anyone know of a way to automatically upgrade all of my FM 7.0
> to FM 9.0 without having to confirm that I want to save each
> file as an FM 9.0 file?

On every version of FM since time immemorial, when you hold down the
shift key, the File menu's Close and Save commands change. If a book
window has focus, they become Close All Files in Book and Save All Files
in Book. If a document window has focus, they become Close All Open
Files and Save All Open Files. 

So you can save all the files in the book with one command and close
them all with a second command. 


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