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> The numbering style for Figures and Tables in CHAPTERS are as follows:
> Figure#1 1 6A = F:Figure <$chapnum>\+<n=1>:
> Figure#+ 1 6A = F:Figure <$chapnum>\+<n+>:
> Table#1 1 6A = U:Table <$chapnum>\+<n=1>:
> Table#+ 1 6A = U:Table <$chapnum>\+<n+>:
> I used the same logic for the APPENDICES, but instead of getting
"Table A-
> 1: Title", I get "Table 1-1: Title", "Table 1-2: Title". So they are
> numbering sequentially, just not with the Appendix letter.

The numbering settings for figures and tables are fine, both for
chapters and appendices. The problem is that chapter numbering isn't set
properly for the appendices. In the book window, select the first
appendix, right-click, and select Numbering. In the Numbering Properties
dialog, select the Chapter tab. Set Chapter # to 1 and Format to
ALPHABETIC (N). Then click Set. Verify that in subsequent appendices,
Chapter is set to Continue Numbering From Previous File in Book. Then
update the book, and everything should be fine. 

> After 3-1/2 years, I still don't have any Figures in the Appendices so
> cross that bridge if I come to it at some in the future.
> If it matters, my Appendix heading style (Heading1App) is "A:Appendix
> <A+>:" and my Appendix Table styles are as follows .
> Table#A 1 6A = U:Table <$chapnum>\+<n+>:
> Table#A+ 1 6A = U:Table <$chapnum>\+<n+>:

The "<A+>" in the heading style means use upper-case alpha numbering --
it's the old way of doing things and works fine in this instance. But
I'd make it consistent with the rest of your numbering settings and
replace "<A+>" with "<$chapnum>" so it's numbering is controlled by the
Chapter numbering settings, as I described above. 

And if you do that, you won't need a separate Heading1App for appendices
-- Heading1 will work just fine because the <$chapnum> variable will
have the appropriate value for whatever book component it's in. 

The information about numbering in the user manual (and help) does a
pretty decent job of explaining this stuff. 


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