Hello Alan,

-XP runs as a guest (in VM mode) on the Intel-powered MacBook Pro due  
to a program called Parallels.

-There is only one 'system' involved which is the Mac Book Pro.  It  
is running two O/S's:  10.4, the host and XP the VM guest.

-The PS printer driver is installed under XP.  XP and Frame both see  
this printer.  Apple does not, nor does it need to do so.

Hope this adds clarity to the inquiry.


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On 5-Mar - 2009, at 3:06 PM, Alan Litchfield wrote:

> Greg,
> Excuse me if I am a little confused here.
> When you say you are running XP as a guest on a MacBook Pro are you  
> saying you
> are running XP under emulation, via BootCamp, or as a RDC client?
> And when you say you need to connect to a postscript printer on the  
> 'system',
> which 'system' are you referring to? The MacBook or XP?
> There are different solutions depending on the answers above, as an  
> example,
> if you are using RDC you can use the local (MacBook) printers by:
> 1. In RDC, when you have made a connection, select RDC > Preferences
> 2. Click on the Printers button/tab
> 3. Select the local printer you want to print to, e.g. Adobe PDF.
> Alan
> Greg. Eckrich wrote:
>> I desire to produce a .pdf file of a large book.  The file has been
>> produced before and has actually been sumitted to a commercial
>> printer in the pdf format.
>> Using FrameMaker 7.1 on Windows XP running as a guest OS on a MacBook
>> Pro running OS 10.4.
>> This version of Frame needs to see a post script printer on the
>> system.  While there is no physical PS printer installed, a driver is
>> present for a GCC BLP Elite v52.3.  This arrangement has worked in
>> the past.
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