Hi David,

There is a filter at the top of the file list in Flare that enables you
to list only the files in which you are interested. Enter *.htm into the
text box and you should be fine.

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Hey everyone, it was good to see some of you at the TCC last Thursday.

I've just started working with Flare v4.2 and for my first project, I'm
importing a FrameMaker v7.2 Book. The problem is that in addition to the
files, it imports all graphics into the same folder in the Content
Organizer. That's a bit messy for me, because I don't want to sift
through a
bunch of GIFs when looking to open a specific HTM file. I prefer to
the graphics into the Resources/Images folder.
I can't find any option or switch or instruction in the Flare Help to
me to do this.
Does anyone know how to do this? For me, this is a black eye against
if I have to clean this folder every time I update the content.


David Schor
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Afcon Software and Electronics
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