I'm looking for Framemaker 9.0 users! If you are a technical writer  
who is also user of Adobe FrameMaker 9.0 (and not a consultant) and  
would like to contribute a quote about your use of the tool and how it  
helps you do what you do, I want to hear from you. Those whose quotes  
are selected will win a free ticket to Documentation and Training  
Conference of their choice during 2009.

Interested? Email me a few "notable quotes" and I'll review and select  
the best.

These quotes will be used in an Adobe marketing campaign to help  
publicize FrameMaker 9.0.

If this is not your cup of tea, please delete this message.



Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
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Documentation and Training West 2009
March 17-20, 2009 Palm Springs, CA

Documentation and Training DITA
June 2-5, 2009, Indianapolis, IN

Web Content Chicago
June 15-16, 2009, Chicago, IL

Documentation and Training East
October 27-30, 2009 Waltham, MA

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