WRONG! Regardless of the merits and foibles of the "save as PDF" facility in
various versions of FrameMaker, all in fact explicitly use the Distiller.
How do think the PostScript is turned into PDF otherwise? FrameMaker
(exceptionally unfortunately) unlike InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
does NOT have the ability to directly export PDF using the Adobe PDF Library.

        - Dov

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> Avi,
> Don't use the Save as PDF. Print to a PS file and distill that. The Save
> As PDF function is problematic. If you have Distiller open and print the
> PS file to a watched folder, then it will automatically begin distilling
> once the file is present. Additionally, Save As PDF doesn't use the
> Distiller application.
> Scott
> Avraham Makeler wrote:
> >> Another piece of the puzzle:
> >> If I have the Acrobat Distiller already open and waiting before doing a
> >> 'Save As PDF', it makes the bookmarks, or at least it seems more likely to.
> >>
> >> - avi

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