Could this be the FM grammar checker that many have been wishing for?


Posted on the Adobe FrameMaker User Forum:

"SDL Author Assistant for Adobe FrameMaker 9

"The SDL Author Assistant for Adobe? FrameMaker? 9 plug-in enables
enterprise-wide consistency in grammar, style, and terminology and
reusability of content. It checks written text for writing style issues that
impact the content's readability and translatability.

"Please note that this plug-in is available as a free download for 
9 customers."


I've played with it a little and it looks promising-- though I miss Word's 
live grammar checking capabilities. But it's free, it works with FM, and 
Adobe is providing the download, so it appears to have their blessing. For 
those doing translating, the plugin also tracks previously translated 
sentences so that you don't have to pay to retranslate.

Mike Wickham

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