Without getting too deep into it, you probably need a combination of
TimeSavers ( to control your document's PDF bookmark
production, and a small cap font (or a character set that includes a
complement of small cap glyphs), to be used both in the variable definition
and for mapping as a custom Unicode character set (in TimeSavers) that can
then be used in the bookmarks. 

Baruch Brodersen

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Hi all

I'm using Frame 7. p492 and Acrobat 8.1.3 and have a question.

I created a user variable for a specific client-related 3 character
abbreviation (acronym?) which the client prefers to have as Small Caps. I
created a character tag called SC Small Caps and embedded that in the
variable prior to the 3 characters typed in lowercase in the variable.

All is well...looks fabulous, the client has approved the final content.

However, when I generate a PDF file, the varabiel text shows up as lowercase
in the bookmarks.

Is there a way to use the variable AND have the bookmarks come out right for
the final deliverable, which is the PDF file?

I've thought of a couple of things and discarded them because it would mean
created variants of character tags and variables based on the type size used
in the document. The seems to me, at least, a royal PITA!


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