While we're on the topic...Frame 9 won't pave over my Frame 7.1, right?


Combs, Richard wrote:
 > Madeleine r Dimond wrote:
 >> I have been assigned the task of evaluating FrameMaker 9. Before I
 > install
 >> the trial version, I wanted to ask whether it will interfere with my
 >> FrameMaker 8 installation; I'd hate for the trial version to uninstall
 > the
 >> previous version.  I'm on Windows XP SP2 with FrameMaker 8.0p277.
 > FM 9 will politely coexist with FM 8. FM has always been very good about
 > allowing multiple versions on one PC, each in its own installation
 > directory. The only caveat is that the Windows file associations will be
 > updated so that .fm, .book, and .mif point to FM 9. But it's a simple
 > matter to change them back to FM 8 in Windows Explorer.
 > Richard

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