John Sgammato wrote:

> Our trainer wants to include both chapter-oriented numbering AND
> absolute page numbering in training materials derived from my manuals. 
> It looks like in FM8 (unstructured) I can set page numbering to be one
> or the other. 
> Is there a way to have it both ways? Some sort of user variable that I
> can set to restart with each chapter while the page numbering continues
> from previous? Or is it just a limitation of FrameMaker 8 that I can one
> or the other but not both?

If your deliverable is a PDF, you can use Acrobat to add a header or footer 
that includes a page numbering sequence that is independent from the one 
produced by FrameMaker. I'm not sure what versions/editions of Acrobat include 
this feature, but it's there and working in my installation of 9.0 
Professional. I seem to recall that the feature was introduced in 7.0, but 
don't know if it was limited to only Pro (vs. Standard) as some of the other 
"advanced" features were. 

Acrobat 9.0 Professional also has the capability to add "Bates numbering" 
(commonly used for legal documents) to PDF documents, and that looks like it 
should work as another route to the same goal (maybe you need a *third* 
different page numbering scheme, too???).

-Fred Ridder

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