If Virtual PC works even remotely similar to Fusion, then any of its
files would exist only as part of some archive of the program, visible
only from the program itself. This is probably very normal and not a problem.
If so, your only alternative would be to export it from some Windows/
virtual PC program to a Mac folder, if Virtual PC allows that (I don't
know the program). In Fusion it is child's play and can be done in
several ways, the easiest being drag and drop from the virtual Windows
desktop to the Mac's...


Graeme R Forbes (Graeme.Forbes at Colorado.EDU) said on 12/03/09 at 1:17 :

>I'm trying to convert a MacFM 7 document to rtf, using mif2go plugged  
>into FM7.1 on XP in Virtual PC running in Classic under Tiger on my  
>Mac. I did this once before, a couple of months ago, no problem. This  
>time I do the exact same thing and I end up with the rtf file, I  
>think, but it's invisible on my Mac (even to "search for invisible  
>files") both in the Finder and to MacFM and Mac Word. But both  
>Windows FM and Windows Acrobat Reader can see the file (and others  
>that were created during the conversion). I don't have Windows Word  
>and need to be able to see the file outside Windows to work on it.  
>Any ideas why it remains stubbornly invisible on my Mac (even to file  
>utilities like FileExaminer)?

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