On my systems, 8 is more stable than 7 was, especially on book
actions. 9 is also fine.

Given others' experiences, I'd guess that your problems are caused by
one or more things in your environment, but you didn't provide any

If you provide some details on your system (FM and Acrobat versions,
OS, RAM, temp space) and your environment (files local or on a server,
type of graphics and imported by reference or copied, and so on) I'm
sure the usual suspects would be happy to generate some things to look


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On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 5:56 AM, Andersen, Verner Engell VEA
<verner.andersen at radiometer.dk> wrote:
> I just counted. My Framemaker 8 crashed more than 80 times since June
> last year. Framemaker 7 was so stable and robust.
> It happens when I update the book, generate pdfs and often I cannot see
> action that should cause the crash.
> Do you experience the same? Is FM 9 more stable?
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