Bill Rost wrote: 

> In a .pdf of one of the books, instead of the current page number
> a 1, 2, ...) in the header, I see "<xnumber>34". Yikes! The other
> show the page number that I expect.
> Looking at the Master Page of the problematic book, I see "Running H/F
> <xnumber>#" (without question marks). When selected, the "<xnumber>#"
> translates to Current Page # in Variables, and when I click Edit I see
> "<xnumber><$curpagenum>".
> I've searched FrameMaker Help and this list for info about <xnumber>
> about displaying variables. Is there a display setting that is causing
> this problem? Do I have two totally different variables? What does the
> red color on the # sign mean?

There are only two things that appear in brackets in a variable
definition: the variable building blocks (which, like <$curpagenum>, all
start with a $) and character tags. So <xnumber> must be the name of a
character format that's missing. The text is displayed because FM
doesn't recognize it as a char tag name, so it treats it as literal

The red color is an attribute of  the <xnumber> char format. In the
other books without the problem, I presume the page numbers are red. If
you look in their character catalog, you'll see "xnumber" listed.

If you import char formats from the template or a book without the
problem, the word "<xnumber>" will go away and be replaced by the
formatting of that tag. 

Why the Keeper of Templates wanted to make page numbers red is another


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