Hi Verner

I know Trisoft. We did a joint project for Atlas Copco years ago: Trisoft
implemented their InfoShare CMS and I taught the authors to use  IMAP with
Structured FrameMaker.

Now, Trisoft has indeed moved from IMAP to DITA, like us and so many others,
for example Content Technologies, who developed DITA Exchange, a
Sharepoint-based CMS for DITA (www.dita-exchange.com).

Trisoft (and we) know and understand IMAP, and we know how to "map" the IMAP
structures and content units to the DITA content models, which helps us to
get a better understanding of the specific needs of our customers.

If you want to move from unstructured to structured FrameMaker, there are
two FM plug-ins which I can recommend:

   - mif2go <http://www.omsys.com/dcl/mif2go_main.htm>, to convert your
   FrameMaker books to DITA maps and topics. I've got a Captivate Flash movie
   that shows you how this goes. If you are interested, contact me off-list.
   - DITA-FMx <http://leximation.com/dita-fmx/>, to author DITA XML topics
   and publish them in a variety of output formats, using the DITA Open

You may also want to post your question in the DITA Yahoo Groups to get a
better response:

   - dita-users <
   - framemaker-dita <


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