Hi Yves...

Note that the DITA-FMx crash is something that we're working on, and 
does not look like (at this point) a specific problem with FM9.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Yves Barbion wrote:
> Hi Mahesh
> Thank you for the workarounds. I have also seen some other bugs today 
> (after using your workaround, quitting and restarting FM):
>     * The Paragraph Designer does not respond at some point: clicking
>       a different tab (button) does not display the contents of that
>       tab for example when switching from Pagination to Default Font
>       properties. Also, when I leave the Paragraph Designer open and
>       click in different paragraphs of different paragraph formats,
>       the Paragraph Tag name does not change correspondingly in the
>       Paragraph Designer. Closing and reopening the Paragraph Designer
>       does not help.
>     * CTRL+ALT+clicking a hyperlinked entry in a generated list (TOC,
>       LOP) does not jump to the corresponding position in the FM file.
>     * FM9 crashed when I was on a Master Page and changed a tab stop
>       by dragging the arrow below the ruler.
>     * FM9 crashed when I generated a book from a ditamap with
>       DITA-FMx. I tried the same action with the same ditamap in FM8
>       and FM7.2 and everything worked fine there, so the problem is
>       with FM9, not with FM7.2, FM8 or DITA-FMx.
>     * There are some problems with the "Welcome screen": when I click
>       "User Guides" or "Tutorials" in the Resources section, nothing
>       seems to happen. I have to switch (ALT+TAB) to my browser
>       manually. There, however, I see that the links point to FM8 User
>       Guides and tutorials. When I click "XML and DITA", I see that
>       the links point to PDF files about the DITA Starter Kit in
>       FrameMaker 7.2
> I'm testing FM9p230 in Windows XP, SP3 with 3 GB of RAM.
> Any idea when these bugs will be fixed?
> Regards
> Yves

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