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 > I've got a hyperlinked index of references (IOR) in my FM9 book. In my PDF,
 > however, the hyperlinks no longer work.
 > Is anyone else seeing this?

I tested this by adding a IOR to the sample "ecology" book provided with 
FrameMaker (samples/overview/book).

Links do work in FrameMaker as well as in the generated PDF.

However, links to automatically-generated paragraphs in generated files (eg 
nnnTOC paragraphs in the TOC file) do not work in FrameMaker, showing the 
following message when Ctrl-Alt-clicking them: "Cannot find object 
specified in hypertext command". (As can expected, these links do not work 
in the PDF either).
This behavior is identical in FM7.2 and FM8.0.

Shlomo Perets

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