It turns out that the cudlog.dll plugin is responsible for breaking the 
recent file history list (File> History) in FrameMaker (structured interface 
only). It took a while to pin it down, but removing that files restores 
recent history functionality. I believe some of the other CudSpan plugins 
use the cudlog.dll file, so I'm guessing some of them may now be broken. I 
don't use them much, so I probably won't specifically test to see.

Mike Wickham

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Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:39 PM
Subject: FrameMaker 9 Recent File History Bug

> Is anyone else seeing this? FrameMaker 9 no longer remembers a history of
> the recent files I've opened. Once I close FrameMaker, the recent file 
> list
> reverts to one that is a couple of weeks old. So File> History did work at
> some point. The same eight files are listed from a couple of weeks ago. I
> noticed this bug before the 9.01 update, but didn't have time to see if I
> could figure out the cause. I still can't figure it out. <G>
> Mike Wickham
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