Responding to Jim Pinkham, Stuart Rogers wrote (in part):

> And then when I generate a PDF from the book, all my Heading1TOC pgfs 
> are showing up as PDF bookmarks -- even though FM9 no longer lists them 
> as possibilities in the Bookmarks tab of PDF setup. So there's no way 
> to tell FM *not* to put them in; I have to delete them manually in 
> Acrobat. (Which has also been refusing to print anything, claiming that 
> "There were no pages selected to print" after a print-all-pages command.)

I'll bet that if you look in the PDF Setup dialog for the TOC file itself 
(rather than the book), you'll find Heading1TOC in the "include" list for 

Ever since FrameMaker 6.0, it's been an undocumented feature that the PDF Setup 
bookmark lists operate in an additive fashion. The setup list in the book file 
defines all the paragraph tags that will be picked up in all the book's 
component files. But if you choose any additional tags in the PDF Setup of any 
individual file, those paragraphs will also be included in the bookmarks for 
that particular chapter. This is pretty useful when you are sharing chapters 
among different books that have differing bookmark requirements, but it can be 
really annoying if you are getting unwanted bookmarks and don't know why.

BTW, the book file is smart enough to exclude the generated files when it 
presents you list of tags to include as bookmarks at the book level. This means 
that the ...TOC, ...LOT, ...LOT, and ...IX paragraph tags are excluded from the 
get-go. But within any of the generated files, those tags are completely valid 
and can be selected for inclusion in bookmarks.

-Fred Ridder

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