Frame 8.0
Win XP

I was wondering if it is possible to link a Master Page to a paragraph  
tag that appears inside an anchored frame.

What I need to do is the following.

I've created a large graphic (7.5x10) contained within an anchored  
The frame is anchored in a body paragraph with the settings "below  
current line" and "floating" so that it appears on the next available  
page and takes up the entire page.
I've put some text in a Text Frame, inside the anchored frame and  
applied a pgf tag imaginatively called FullSizedGraphic.
I've created a master page called FullSizedGraphic with a colored  
background and linked it to the FullSizedGraphic pgf tag in the Master  
Page mapping table.
I select Apply Master Pages and all other Master Pages are applied,  
except for the one I went to all of that effort to create.

Is it simply the case that Frame doesn't read pgf tags in an anchored  
frame? If so, can anyone think of an alternative way of doing this? I  
could anchor the frame to a custom pgf tag on its own page, but I want  
the graphic to float.

Any ideas?



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