Sounds like the paragraph tag catalog display is losing track of the top
layer context.

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Subject: FM9 UI bug: Para Catalog displays incorrect Tags


I just found another bug in the FM9 UI. This is what I do:

1. Choose Format > Paragraphs > Catalog to display the Catalog.

I see two tabs in the Catalog: Para Catalog and Structure View.

2. Click the Structure View tag and move the Para Catalog around on my

3. Click the Para Catalog tab again.

Result: I just see a limited set of tags (Body, CellBody, CellHeading,
Footnote, Heading, TableFootnote, TableTitle and Title) which are not
used in my document. This happens sometimes, not always. When I click in
document, I see the full list of tags again.

Can anyone else reproduce and confirm this?


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