So RJ, for those of us who are not new users and don't like the welcome
screen, is there some way (say in the maker.ini) we can turn it off?  

Susan Corcoran
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> One of the drivers behind our decision for the Welcome Screen 
> in FM9 came from new users' feedback, who found themselves 
> launching FrameMaker to a blank screen and didn't know 
> exactly where to start.  
> However I do agree that there should be a preference 
> somewhere for turning it off for more seasoned users, but 
> like Mike, I find it extremely usefully for displaying my 
> recent files as soon as I launch the product.  
> The good news is that for those of you, who find it odd, it 
> goes away as soon as you open a frame doc.
> Sincerely,
> RJ J?cquez
> Senior Product Evangelist

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