> 4) The application window has no title at all. Hence the full path of
> an open document  can not be displayed anywhere. It can not be determined
> whether I'm working on a local  file or one a copy from the network.
> Frequenctly I must work on files which have the same file name on 
> different
> paths. How to distinguish? I can find the full path only in the bottom 
> pod,
> Insets. And what, if the file has no insets and no pictures?

Klaus, when a file is open, if you hover your cursor over its filename tab, 
the full path will pop up. This doesn't work for book files, but the book 
file path is listed at the top of the tree within the book file. It would be 
a nice feature to add such a popup when hovering over filenames within the 
book file.

Mike Wickham

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