Glad it worked.

And you're correct on why the magical formatting appeared -- it was
because the regular book components contained the TOC paragraph


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On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 10:53 AM, Donald  W. Spencer
<donandjudy1 at> wrote:
> Dear Framers:
> Thanks for your weekend help. The problem was solved easier than expected.
> 1.) I deleted the old TOC from the book using the "trash can."
> 2.) Opened ADD>Table of Contents and moved the six headings I use in my
> outline from "Don't Include" to "Include Paragraphs Tagged."
> 3.) Clicked ADD at the bottom left.
> That was it. The TOC reappeared instantly in the book. When I cautiously
> took a peek at it, I discovered that it was perfectly formatted, just like
> the previously generated file. Perhaps this is because my TOC formats had
> all been inadvertently imported into the other files within the book.
> Happy Day.
> ~ Don Spencer

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