I can see Diane's point of view, but all in all, I agree with Jerry. I
don't find the Welcome screen, usually at the back and seldom
encountered unless I have no open books or docs, to be obtrusive.
Sometimes, it's downright helpful. Thumbs up!


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Well, to each his own, I guess.  When I save things, I expect them to
stay where I put them and not return to the default position.  Further,
when I upgrade software, I expect that the xy parameters of the file
window would be preserved.  I should not have to reset them, but this
did not happen in FM9, even when I made changes and saved. But they did
in FM8.  Am I seeing a bug here?

My book files are never buried behind any chapters. I keep my FM area
organized so that this does not happen.  A litle extra work at the
beginning but it saves time later.


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>"Diane Gaskill" <dgcaller at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> I also do not like the fact that FM9 opens a book file on the left
>side of
>> the FM window and its huge and docked.
>In my opinion, this is the single best improvement in the new 
>9 UI.  Now I don't have to dig out the book file from behind the 
>eleventy chapters I've opened in front of it, and if I have multiple 
>books open, they are managed separately from the chapters I've opened 
>from them.  I can even arrange it so the books are tabs in a single 
>panel or so I can see them all at the same time, whichever way I want 
>to work.  It makes FrameMaker much like an IDE for writing.
>BTW, the book area can be collapsed and will stay collapsed, addressing

>your concern with how much space it takes -- your books then "fly out"
>from an unobjectionable icon strip.  I have been playing with this 
>mode, and I like it quite a bit.  Of course, if you don't like the 
>books on the left, you can put them somewhere else, such as on the 
>right, on the bottom, or even in a tabbed strip across the top.  It is 
>a frankly brilliant design and long overdue.
>Of course, if you want it to work the old way, that is simple too -- 
>you can tear the books off and position them as you like.  They do 
>float over your other documents, which is a change, but wonder of 
>wonders, you can put them on your second display now!  That is an 
>absolute usability improvement -- FrameMaker has finally moved into the
>The welcome screen?  In an ordinary day I would see it for about five 
>seconds.  I don't see any way to turn it off, but I also don't see any 
>reason to.
>I haven't done a major project in FrameMaker 9 yet, but so far the 
>changes I've seen are all obvious improvements that will make working 
>in FrameMaker much less frustrating.  Now if only they'd get some 
>inheritance going with their document model, I'd be in heaven.
>Jerry Kindall, SDK Technical Writer
>Tecplot, Inc. | Enjoy the View
>Bellevue, Washington, USA
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